Adult Parlour Games is a Los Angeles-based sexy party.


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Adult Parlour Games are played in secret locations, revealed only to confirmed participants.

Players must come in couples. A very simple screening process ensures everyone is fun, interesting and laid-back.

Think positive sexuality, freedom of choice and a playful lack of definition.


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Make-out party! Sometime in June, 2014

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Is this a swing / sex party?

We prefer “sexy party” – the goals are playful self-expression and exploration, not necessarily group sex. Although …

You mean like naughty Scrabble and naked Twister?

Haha, no. These games are confessional, sexy, intimate and fun. They’re constantly evolving and as interesting and unique as the people who play them.

Who comes to play?

Usually between 10 & 24 people ranging from mid-20s to mid-50s (averaging late-30s). We keep an even male / female ratio with all sexual orientations represented. Players are confident in their desire and willingness to play, whether straight, bi, gay, queer or anything else.

I’m single. Can I play?

Of course! But you must bring a friend for game night.

What if I get uncomfortable while playing? Or am asked to do things I don’t wanna?

The whole point of Adult Parlour Games is crazy fun so nobody ever *has* to do anything. All games have “outs” that are just as fun as the “ins.” You’ll have lots of new and daring opportunities. It’s up to you to take it.

Only in L.A.?

Mostly in L.A., with occasional occurrences in S.F., N.Y.C. and B.R.C. If you’re outside our regular routine, drop us a line. We also do private parties by request.

Who are you?

We’re a married couple who enjoy fun and adventure. We started Adult Parlour Games because the type of scenes we love don’t really exist here in LA. This is our attempt to bring some fun, daring and sex-positive adventure to Southern California.

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